It all started when Datin Noor Kartini figured out that she always had trouble settling down on a makeup foundation that is suitable for her skin. While asking around for recommendations from friends and families, Datin Noor Kartini realized that this was a problem shared by almost every woman!

During trial and error using tens to hundreds of different makeup foundation products, Datin Noor Kartini was able to identify ingredients that are less irritating to skin. This gave her the idea to create her own makeup foundation.

After months of research conducted by laboratories with Datin Noor Kartini’s guidance and inspiration, her very own makeup foundation was formulated and produced. Some families and friends were curious and decided to try out Datin Noor Kartini’s foundation and they immediately noticed the difference – feeling light enough on their skin and being able to use it all day long!

This was how the Young and Glow brand was born, and Datin Noor Kartini is excited to share her passion to all women – so that all women can always glow with confidence!

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